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3 Things You Never Knew About Boruto

3 Things You Never Knew About Boruto

Naruto ended with a new beginning. Naruto had finally achieved his dream of becoming the Hokage and now had a family of his own. The Naruto manga ended with Naruto’s son, Boruto, defacing the Hokage Monument, in the same way that he had done in the first chapter of the series. It turns out that Naruto wasn’t the best of fathers, as he let his duties as Hokage take precedence over spending time with his wife and children. The introduction of Boruto in the final chapter of Naruto set the stage to pass the series on to him. Boruto would receive his own movie, which was followed by an anime and manga series. The opening to Boruto’s new series shows a devastated Konoha and a new villain who hints that Naruto himself may be dead. The clock then turns back to the days of Boruto’s Chunin Exam, where a new saga begins. We are here today to look at the hidden information concerning the next iteration of Naruto. From the controversy surrounding Sarada’s new design in the manga to the final act of recognition between two mighty rivals who had shaped the world, here are 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Boruto!


It originally seemed as if Boruto did not inherit his mother’s Byakugan. This is odd because his sister managed to manifest the Byakugan at a very young age. It seems that it’s possible for some people to not inherit a Kekkai Genkai. The first chapter of the Boruto manga shows Boruto using a unique new eye technique of his own. It was revealed that he started to manifest this ability as a child, though he could not control it. His eye has the ability to see the flow of chakra in a person’s body. A lot of information about Boruto’s eye was posted on the blog of one of the animators on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. This technique is called Jogan and it is linked to Kaguya and her species. This eye technique will eventually allow Boruto to sense the negative emotions in other people. The animator claimed that all of this will eventually be revealed in the Boruto anime.


The final chapter of Naruto reveals that Naruto isn’t much of a father to his children. This is because he is the Hokage, which is the most important position in the village. Naruto is constantly busy with his job, which prevents him from spending time with his family. It could also be that he doesn’t know how to connect with his children, due to the fact that he was basically abandoned by the village as a child. Naruto could leave the day to day work of being Hokage up to his Shadow Clones, yet he chooses to sequester himself from his family. The relationship between Boruto and Naruto is actually based on that of Masashi Kishimoto and his own sons. He wasn’t there for most of their upbringing, due to the fact that he was working so hard on Naruto. Kishimoto has claimed in interviews that he is still working hard to try and connect with his kids, which formed the basis for what Naruto tries to achieve with his own son in the events following the end of the Naruto manga.


The final page of Naruto shows an image of the Hokage Monument that has been defaced by Boruto in an attempt to get his father’s attention. Fans quickly noticed that Boruto had painted the Jolly Roger of the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece on Naruto’s image. This seems to be a symbolic gesture on behalf of Masashi Kishimoto, as it references his real-life rivalry with Eiichiro Oda, who is the creator of One Piece. The two of them had been competing for the top spot in Weekly Shonen Jump since the early ’00s. The image of Luffy’s Jolly Roger on the last page of Naruto has been interpreted in several different ways: some think it is an admission of loss, while others think that it is a moment of respect for a worthy rival. The truth of the matter is that One Piece and Naruto are fairly equal in terms of success. One Piece is a huge success in Japan, while Naruto managed to become a worldwide sensation. A lot of people were introduced to anime and manga through Naruto, which has helped the industry to grow and become more accepted. One Piece is still running to this day, while Naruto has retired and passed the baton to his son. Can Boruto become successful enough to topple Luffy and his crew in Japan? Only time will tell.


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