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New 'Boruto' Theory Explains Why Naruto (Probably) Won't Die

New 'Boruto' Theory Explains Why Naruto (Probably) Won't Die :

If there’s one thing Naruto fans love, it is Naruto Uzumaki. The hero is the titular hero of Masashi Kishimoto’s acclaimed franchise, and Boruto has only continued to help fans fall for the hero. Still, the sequel has given fans reason to fear for Naruto’s life, but Boruto just introduced a reason why the hero won’t die so easily.

Boruto debuted earlier this year, and its premiere episode started off with a dark flash-forward. The anime started with a scarred Boruto facing off with a stranger named Kawaki. The villain had destroyed much of Konoha, and Kawaki told Boruto he will “send you where I sent the Seventh Hokage.”
Of course, the foreboding line left many fans fearful that Naruto would die by Boruto’s end - but that may not be the case.
Recently, Boruto began hinting at the malevolent force guiding its storyline. The anime saw Naruto hold another Kage Summit, and it was there the Hokage told his comrades that a strange new threat was upon them.
“Our shinobi world is about to confront another danger,” Naruto explained. “Danzo Shimura who caused the Nue incident, and Shin Uchiha - whom I battled… A common factor that keeps popping up in the materials that they left behind is the description of a parallel dimension.”

With the addition of parallel universes to Boruto, it looks like Kawaki may not have used a euphemism when he mentioned the Seventh Hokage. Naruto may have literally been sent to an alternate world, and Kawaki plans to take Boruto there as well. These dimensions seem to be more full-rounded than Kaguya’s worlds, and they could prove to be more dangerous for the Shinobi community.
For now, fans can only wait and see how Boruto will catch up to its premiere episode. There is a long way to go before Naruto’s son is ready to fight Kawaki, so fans will get to learn more about the anime’s overall story and its sudden introduction of parallel worlds soon enough.
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